1. Promotion for the adoption of the improved package of practices for Kharif Cereals (Paddy, Maize).

  2. Organic farming through Vermicomposting and green manuring.

  3. Diversification and intensification of existing farming system .through introduction of improved variety, HYV or hybrid seeds and proven technology like multiple cropping, Intercropping (Groundnut+Soybean, Maize+Soybean, Maize+Cowpea) and double cropping of Rice.

  4. Oilseeds (Groundnut, Soybean) and Pulses (Blackgram, cowpea).

  5. Production technology for Tuber crops (Potato, Sweet potato).

  6. Soil & water conservation measures, agronomic practices, organic farming, INM, Bio-fertilizers, crop rotation, liming etc.

  1. Rejuvenation of Citrus Orchard.

  2. Production technology of Rhizomatous crops (Turmeric, ginger).

  3. Nursery raising for winter vegetables.

  4. Protected cultivation of vegetables/flowers.

  5. Value addition of crops like tomato, capsicum, broccoli, cauliflower through cultivation of early varieties.

Soil and Water Conservation
  1. Soil conservation promotion activities.

  2. Imparting knowledge and understanding on rainwater harvesting.

  3. Natural resource management.

Capacity Building of Self Help Group
  1. Formation and mobilization of SHG's.

  2. Maintenance of basic records.

  3. Post harvest and marketing of farm produce.

  4. Fruit processing & Preservation (Mainly locally available fruits).

  5. Promotion for creating revolving fund & educating them on planning & implementation of income generating projects.

  6. Production of organic inputs.

Plant protection
  1. Eco-friendly Management of soft rot of ginger.

  2. Safe use of fungicides and insecticides.

  3. Management of blast disease in Rice.

  4. Management of stem borer in Maize.

  5. Eco-friendly management of different pests and diseases of Potato.

  6. Integrated Pest & Disease management practices.

  7. Introduction of mushroom cultivation.

Animal Science
  1. Improved management practices for piggery, poultry, diary & Goatery.

  2. Disease management and health care of pig, poultry, cattle and goat.

  3. Scientific feeding practices of pig, cattle, poultry and goat.

  4. Livestock based integrated farming system.

  5. Reproductive management and AI of pig and cattle.

Home science
  1. Preservation of fruits.

  2. Kitchen gardening/nutritional gardening.

  3. Preparation of low cost diet for the infants.

  4. Rural crafts.

  5. Women & child care.

  6. Gender main streaming through women self help groups.