SAC Meeting -

Krishi Vigyan Kendra West Khasi Hills has conducted Scientific Advisory Committee meeting on the 24th January 2018 at District Horticulture Officer, Nongstoin with the objective to review the progress of the KVK through Annual Progress Report 2017-18 and to finalise the Annual Action Plan 2018-19. The meeting was chaired by Shri. R. Langstieh, Director( R&T) in the presence of Shri P. Wahlang DAO, Nongstoin, Shri. S. Lyngdoh DHO Nongstoin, Smti. Syiem, District Soil &Water Conservation, Smti. M. Marbaniang, Assistant Registrar Cooperative Society, representatives from Department of Water Resources, Department of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry, State Bank of India,Nongstoin along with Progressive farmer. Dr. D. Pasweth, Senior Scientist & Head welcomed all the dignitaries followed by the presentation on the Annual Progress Report 2017-18 by SMS (Extension ) and Annual Action Plan 2018-19 by SMS (Horticulture ). During the meeting various suggestions and recommendations were made by the Line Department Officials and thus the meeting was a fruitful gatherings. The meeting was wind up with the vote of thanks given by SMS (Agronomy ).

Exposure Visit -

KVK West Khasi Hills had organised Exposure visit to ICAR (RC) for NEH Region, Umiam on the 23rd December 2017 for the farmers of Mawthadraishan C & RD Block to improve and update the farmers' knowledge. The programme was participated with 23 farmers comprising 15 males and 8 females. The farmers were exposed to Division of Horticulture farm witnessed 69 chow chow cultivars collected from different parts of the North Eastern region, cultivated under organic conditions in which the crop was of high demand because of the anti tumour, anti cancerouus crop properties. They were also excited to witness the Integrated Farmng System model comprising of crop cultivation + livestock + fisheries getting the maximum benefits, cultivation of legumes in lowland area after rice, raised sunken bed with vegetables nd many more. They were then exposed to poultry unit seeing the kuroiler birds rearing in a very improved conditions. Overall the programme was a successful for the farmers as they could update and increase their crop knowledge.

Training demonstration on Cultivation of Oyster mushroom -

ATMA West Khasi Hills in collaboration with KVK West Khasi Hills had organised method demonstration with the objective to create awareness and impart training on income generating enterprise on Cultivation of Oyster Mushroom on the 21st December 2017 at Mawkatad village conducted by Shri. Ereneus K Marbaniang, SMS (Extension). The training demonstration was participated with 4 males and 6 females followed by spawn distribution to the trainees so that they could practice what they have learnt from the training programme.

Skill development Training on Berkeley method of compost making -

District Horticulture Office, Nongstoin in collaboration with KVK, West Khasi Hills had organised one day skill development training programme to create awareness and impart skill training programme on Berkeley method of compost making on the 19th December 2017 at Nongkasen village on the topic Berkeley method of compost making which was conducted by Shri. Ereneus K Marbaniang, SMS (Extension). The programme was participated with 150 farmers comprising 50 males and 100 females from Mawthadraishan C & RD Block, Nongkasen area. A brief description on this demonstration includes preparation of compost using of 175 kg dry materials, 100 kg green material, 100 kg dung ,1.5 kg jaggery in 3 litres water, 14 kg fertile soil, algae, wire mesh 15x4 ft, plastic 3 m. On the very first layer, dry material is placed followed by green material and dung in the ratio of 3:2:1 followed by application of fertile soil, jaggery solution, algae which gives one layer.The same steps must be followed upto 5-7 layers for quality functioning of micro organism and bacteria which helps the farmers greatly.

PPV & FRA Regional Workshop & Agro Biodiversity Exhibition at KVK Kamrup -

Shri. Ereneus K. Marbaniang, SMS (Extension) along with two farmers (Shri. Charles Tympuin and Shri. Grossful Pariong) who represented KVK West Khasi Hills had participated in the programme "PPV & FRA Regional Workshop & Agro Biodiversity Exhibition " organised at KVK Kamrup Assam to showcase the local indigenous crops of west Khasi Hills on the 14th December 2017. On this day, local indigenous crops of the district namely different orchids varieties, Flamengia spp., Perilla, tuber crops, varieties of local fishes etc. were showcased to the public and was greatly appreciated by the high officials, Scientists and the farmers especially the Orchids flowers and Flamengia spp., Perilla which were unique to Meghalaya and the country as a whole.

Celebration of World Soil Day 2017 -

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, West Khasi Hills, Nongshillong had celebrated World Soil Day with the theme “Caring for the planet starts from the ground” on the 5th December 2017 at SGSY hall, Mawthadraishan C & RD Block to create an awareness on Soil Health Card scheme and the importance of soil for human life with the active participation of 134 farmers from different area of West Khasi Hills. On this day, Shri B Nongsiej, MLA, Mawthadraishan Assembly Constituency was the Chief Guest and Shri. L. K. Diengdoh, BDO Mawthadraishan C & RD Block was the Guest of Honour. The chief Guest on his speech advised the farmers to start planting fruit trees like plum, pear, peach to conserve soil fertility and also could act as a livelihood activity. He also suggested that the farmers must visit Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Forest to collect different fruit trees sapling.Later the chief guest distributed 132 soil health card to the farmers followed by the training on soil management, different method to make compost- Berkeley method, vermi compost without using different chemicals.